Tuesday, 8 June 2010

My Magical Mum

In memory of my mum who would have been 100 a few days ago.

Who doesn't get a lovely, warming, tingling sensation when you think of that good old-fashioned heart warming meal?  There's never anything quite like a healthy, hearty soup or stodgy but delicious pudding, ones that only your loving mum could make.

My mum's recipes used to give me that feeling.  Hers were perfected using only a limited number of ingredients due to either rationing during the war years or made from leftovers in lean times.  These recipes, however, were good enough to be passed on from generation to generation.  And to make it all the more interesting she would give her creations names like "Cat's Birthday Cake", "Railway Pudding" and "No Name Cake", to name a few.  Her sense of humour came out in her cooking!

Not only did mum have the ability to make the moistest sponge puddings (steamed of course) made from whatever was in the cupboard, she regularly made, and I will challenge anyone to this, simply the best scones EVER.  Her magic ingredient was obviously a closely-guarded secret as I have never tasted any scone like it before or since.  She was a genius.  My wife has tried many times to replicate them but to no avail; in fact she says she's given up hope of ever coming anywhere near them.

Mum's special recipes gave me a sense of security as I was growing up - she and her great meals were always there when I needed them and, as a result, I have developed a love for great food.

We all dream of emulating the latest celebrity chef in creating a delicious gourmet meal, but at the end of the day a simple, healthy dish with basic ingredients always comes up trumps and satisfies the soul.   That's what my mum was so good at.  In fact I can't recall her making one bad meal.  My mum's recipes were simply an inspiration and never failed to please.  They warmed your heart and I will always treasure them.

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