Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Cat's Birthday Cake/Pudding

This is one of the recipes that brings a smile to my face.  I can just imagine mum baking, using up all her left-overs, a custom in the Turner household, and then giving her creation an imaginary name. This one, as the name suggests, must have been made on the cat's birthday!  Whatever the occasion was the cake was, as always, lovely.  Here is how she did it:-


Old buns, crumbled
Butter or margarine
1 tbsp marmalade
Currants, raisins, cherries (depending on contents of the buns)
1 egg

Sorry, she didn't write down the amounts.

- Mix ingredients together and then steam for 1 hour or bake in oven for half an hour.
- Cut into squares and serve with cream or custard.

I'll also include a recipe for Apple Custard.  You might like that.

Batter Pudding

One particular category of food that mum was brilliant at was puddings.  Not just any ordinary pudding but simply the most delicious work of art you can imagine.  They weren't necessarily fancy or exotic, but it was all the various tastes that were magical.  Many of her puddings were steamed and it is this method that keeps the pudding moist and very moreish.

Mum's Batter Pudding was one of my favourites.  Because of its title it's hard to imagine unless you've actually seen it.  It's so easy to make.  Try it!  I'm sure you'll love the unique flavour.


2 eggs
1/2 pint milk plus a little water
6oz flour (half plain, half self raising)

- Mix to a thick consistency and put into a greased pudding bowl.
- Steam for 1 hour plus (keep steamer pan topped up with water and avoid removing pan lid until ready to serve).
- Serve with butter and sugar.